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Miko CD "Do the Lov-o-lution"

Miko’s new album “Do the Lov-o-lution” charms the listener with an outstanding entertainment quality. The song “Electrify” was nominated for a yearly Hollywood Music Award in the genre “Dance”. In cooperation with the producers "CJ Bomb" (“Club 69” Grammy for Madonna Remixes, Depeche Mode Remixes), "Mel Gold" and the ambient Nu-Jazz Duo "Hallo Gen", she created an electronic dance pop album with uplifting melodies and sensual sound scapes out of this world.

Miko’s voice touches you with tender power and charismatic feelings. She sings about underwater love streams, electrifying dream sex, the global climate crisis, and how to save the world with the Lov-o-lution. A remake of the old Fred Astaire classic "Puttin´on the Ritz" celebrates a hot tribal R&B Party. The whole album seduces you into a world of sensual & soulful sounds, the right way to dance and fly for modern music lovers...

"Do the Lov-o-lution" Songs

Miko ... Soulig: Saint For a Man
Get Away

Miko ... Dance Power:

Electrify (Remix)
Do the Lov-o-lution (Remix)
Puttin´ on the Ritz Party
Fate of Luck

Miko ... Nu Jazzig:

Good Love
Underwater Highway
World Crisis

Miko - Do the Lov-o-lution

Miko im Weltall