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MIKO Bio & Discography

Singer, Writer, Composer, Dancer, Producer, Actress & TV Talk-Show Hostess

Short Biography & Discography

Miko was born in West Germany and is now based in Berlin. She also lived in Los Angeles, California and Canada. Since the eighties she is one of Germany´s most outstanding artists with international appeal.

Miko performs as a singer and actress. She created her own style of electronic soul and world music with classical influences and released a number of albums & singles. Also she developed a dance exercise method, wrote several stage shows and books.

Miko performed on countless stages and in many TV shows. As a TV talk-show hostess she received the highest German “Grimme” TV award for the best live show of the year.

Miko was featured in numerous articles and cover stories. She appeared on the cover of the most popular German music magazine "Musik Express" and was chosen by the "Bunte" magazine as the most outstanding artist of the year.

Miko performed at the "Oscar" Academy Awards and the Soccer World Cup in Los Angeles, "Earthday" San Diego, "Waldbühne" Berlin (concert broadcast on German, Austrian and Swiss TV), "Live aus dem Alabama" (German TV concert) & "Beatclub" (German TV concert) etc...

„DO THE LOV-O-LUTION” (Miko Album / 2008-2010)

„HEAT SOCIETY” (Album by "Heated Hearts" / 2007-2008)

„TESTIFY FOR A UNITED DREAM” (Miko Compilation Album )

„WORLDS OF LOVE” (Miko Album and Single / 1989)

„ONE TONGUE” (Maxi by Miko & Mubare / 1987)

„VISIONS OF BEAUTY” (Miko Album, Maxi and Singles / 1986)

„THE VOICE AND THE BEAT” (Miko Album and Single / 1984)

„SCHÜTZT DIE VERLIEBTEN” (Album "1. Futurologischer Congress" / 1983)

"NEONBABIES“ (Album by Miko & Inga Humpe / 1982)